Tuesday, March 30, 2010

The fun theory

I love this! I found it via a post by Ewan McIntosh about analogue creativity.

Geeks like me have been saying this for years: make it fun and people will do it. Treat them like sheeple and they will behave like sheeple.


V Yonkers said...

It's true that "fun" was part of the interest. However, the guy that was deciding whether to step on the black key or not, and for many of the children, it was also curiosity that engaged them.

I have found that catching someone's curiosity can be used to engage them in activities that they normally wouldn't.

Garry Platt said...

Take a look at these Karyn:






The upsycho said...

@V_Yonkers You're right, of course. Perhaps 'make it engaging' is a better way of expressing it than 'make it fun'. However, I think the line between being engaged and having fun is a fine one.
@Garry Those are absolutely fantastic. Thanks for sharing.

Meghashyam Chirravoori said...

What a fascinating idea! Thanks a ton for sharing.


I myself would like climb such stairs. Where are they, in Stockholm?

The upsycho said...

@Meghashyam I believe so, but I don't know where, exactly. Of course, they may not still be there - it may have been a short-term experiment.