Thursday, June 11, 2009

Another use for Twitter

So there was this guy called Anthony Gardiner in New Zealand. In the time honoured fashion, he met a girl and fell in love. Then he bought a nice diamond ring for around £2000 and popped the question.

She said no.

What would you do with the ring?

When my husband's first proposal met with a negative response (note: this was before I came along - having a better eye for quality, I didn't turn him down!) , he gave the ring to his Mom. Other guys might have taken it back to the store for a refund. Others might sell it on eBay. Some might throw it away.

Gardiner has hit upon another plan. He is staging a treasure hunt. He is going to hide the ring somewhere and give out clues on Twitter, with the hope that someone else will find it and propose to his true love. Someone else who perhaps couldn't afford such a fancy ring.

Anyone up for a treasure hunt? Unless you're already in New Zealand, I suspect getting there will cost you more than the ring is worth, so let's leave this one to the Kiwis, okay?

Nice use of Twitter. I just hope that the ring really is found by a romantic soul, rather than a materialist.

On your marks...


Moira said...

Well, who would have guessed you are the "Queen" of Social Networking! Expect to have your brain picker. Seriously though, these questions about South Africa are hilarious. We are just another country on another continent - not a planet far, far away!

Karyn Romeis said...

@Moira The 'queen' of social networking? I make no such claim! I think the whole point of social networking is that it has no royalty ;o) Nevertheless, you are welcome to pick such brain as I may have...