Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Doing unto others

The church we used to attend in Cape Town has a ministry called Won Life in the area. Part of this ministry is the delivery of food parcels to needy families, while also providing them with a creche for the their children, a free clinic and skills training.

The people of the church this week have taken on a huge challenge. Those who volunteered had to survive on one of the food parcels given to the needy families instead of their normal fare. This meant a steady diet of samp and (kidney) beans pretty much all week long! My sister in law, one of the volunteers, says she has now officially 'bean there, done that'.

It has proved an interesting insight into what sort of 'doing' they've been doing unto the others.

I wonder if we were to subject ourselves to a steady diet of the fare we dish out to our learners, whether we would feel quite so confident about the quality of our provision!

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