Wednesday, September 10, 2008

One achievement - two perspectives

We had just dozed off last night when one of cats decided to subject us to an oration. She strode around our bedroom, giving voice. On and on it went and no amount of 'polite invitations' to her to "Shut up, stupid cat!" bore any fruit.

It dawned on me that she was probably regaling us with the tale of a successful hunt in which she risked life and limb to protect us from a marauding intruder.

I got up and switched the light on.

She was delighted.

"There. There it is see. I saved you. I protected you. Look at those fangs. See the dripping venom. What do you mean, where? It's right there. Are you blind, woman?"

I flipped back the corner of the rug and there it was.

A moth. About an inch from wing tip to wing tip.

I was unimpressed at the narrowness of my escape. Underwhelmed at the beast's ferocity. It's vicious fangs did not make my heart quail. Her tales of the danger to her own life and limb did not instil in me a sense of awe or wonder. My gratitude knew several bounds.

This was not the reaction Daisy had been hoping for and she proceeded to sulk.

I wonder how many other times I have been guilty of pooh-poohing what someone had thought was a great achievement until I came along to throw water over their campfire.



Anonymous said...

Beaytiful! Why don't you write a novel Karyn. You describe simple things so beautifully. And rest assured you have a tender heart. As far as I know you, you are not capable of intentionally hurting people. Hugs and cheers!

Janet Clarey said...

Oh poor Daisy. Shot down in flames! Next time, she may bring an actual snake to your feet. (Now wears that Fredward of mine this morning? He didn't come inside....)

The upsycho said...

@rina You are not the first to ask that question, but it is not easy to find publishers. Writers are ten a penny. I have several friends who are struggling to get published. I'd rather just use the spaces available to me for now... like this blog. Perhaps my sons will publish my children's stories when I'm dead and gone and live a life of luxury on the proceeds.

@janet Daisy could never catch a snake. She has never managed anything without an exoskeleton and 6 legs. Her sister once caught a mouse, which Daisy then stole from her (asserting her rights as the alpha female) and played with until we caught her at it. The flipping thing was still alive. Ugh! My husband took it away and dispatched it mercifully. For hours after that, Daisy searched for it, asking us long and loud if we had seen her toy mouse "About yea size. Grey. A little wind up thing. You let it go and it ran for a bit and then fell over. If you patted it with your paw, it even squeaked and twitched. Can't think where I left it."

PS - My stepbrother has always kept pet snakes, even some deadly ones, so I'm not really girlie about them. Chickens, on the other hand, scare me spitless!

Wendy said...


All my cats (mostly Spike) do is follow me around the house in the morning complaining about the indignities they suffer at my hands. Lack of food (please see full food bowls and round kitties), not enough attention, litterbox issues, etc. The afternoon "State of the Beastie" address is generally more of the same.

I would love it if the critters actually still hunted anything. Chainsaw, in particular, used to be a master flying object catcher (moths, wasps, flies only lasted 10 minutes in our house). I guess after 15 years, they can retire....

I can fully understand your reaction - especially since the cat WOKE YOU UP! But I also see the lesson too. Just a reminder to stay conscious of the other - even when it's tough. Who knows, one day the cat will wake you up when it is really important.

Great story!