Thursday, May 07, 2009

A map of flags

Someone sent me an invitation to a stupid quiz on Facebook. For a change, I opted not to do this one (I do a lot of stupid quizzes on FB... my sons and many of their contemporaries are FB friends of mine), but I absolutely loved the graphic for it. It was a map of the world, where each country was filled with its own flag. I failed to find the image in its own right on the Internet (maybe the quiz maker created it, rather than breaching copyright - what a novel idea!), but I did find this, which is similar.

Any geography teachers out there? I don't know enough to know whether it's accurate, but I do know that, if it is, it is unlikely to remain that way for long! Catch it while you can.


Downes said...

The flags are accurate, if small. The only error I could find was that the New Zealand flag is displayed sideways (and the map author used a tiny image of Australia to form the South Island, which is hilarious in more ways than I can name). The land borders are accurate, but the water borders are a bit misshapen, as though the author used a floodfill that covered some land areas - so Canada has an odd inland sea system, and there is a new bay between Colombia and Peru, erasing most of Ecuador, and the Black sea and the Caspian Sea have been merged, wiping out Georgia, Azerbaijan and Armenia. Much of Indonesia has been erased, Singapore for some reason occupied the southern half of Borneo, and a brand-new previously undiscovered sea has formed north of India, in what would normally be the mountains of Kashmir.

In other words - I wouldn't use it for anything serious.

Karyn Romeis said...

@Downes Thanks for the close scrutiny. What a pity! I really like the concept.