Thursday, May 14, 2009

Practical tips from Cathy Moore

Cathy Moore has written a neat post with four tips for moving learners from 'clueless to confident'. She isn't really saying anything new... well not to most of the people who hang out in this neck of the woods, anyway, but it is nicely compiled and (like so much of Cathy's stuff) visually appealing.

Cathy's skill is in taking not-so-common sense and packaging it well. Hers is the sort of blog that should be read by people still unconvinced about all this newfangled learner empowerment, collaborative stuff. As a consequence, I recommend it to people who are:

  • just beginning to wonder whether there is any value in these blog things
  • just starting to feel brave enough to wonder if chalk-and-talk is the only way to do things
  • absolutely adamant that the old ways are the best ways (it never did me any 'arm)
Because Cathy's material is so accessible (metaphorically speaking) to people who don't frequent this space, I wonder if there is a more effective way to draw it to their attention.

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