Saturday, May 02, 2009

pic of the day - nerve conduction test

Horrible. Horrible. Horrible.

I went for my nerve conduction test today. Fortunately John decided to drive me there, because it would have been a while before I was in a fit state to drive back.

First, this very sweet little rheumatologist man attached some electrodes to various parts of my arm and hand and asked me to say when I could feel the current passing through the muscles. That bit was prickly but not really painful.

Then, when I thought we were done, he stuck a needle right into my deltoid muscle and asked me to flex it. Slightly painful. Next he stuck the needle into a tiny little muscle right next to my thumb. Ouch! He did tell me the name of the muscle, but I was in no mood to pay attention. He asked me to flex that muscle, too, which was very painful... and it remains painful now. After that came the tricep. Slightly painful. Then came the bicep. Sore enough when the needle went in, but when I had to flex it ("as hard as you can, please"), it was too much.

I passed out.

This has obviously happened before, because I distinctly remember the doctor whipping the needle out as I slid sideways onto the bed. Thank goodness, because I landed on that side! I was only out for moments, I'm sure. But when I came 'round, the doctor and the nurse had each raised one of my legs above the level of my head.

The good news is that it seems there is no need for surgery.

Apparently, the orthopod will advise me as to exercises I can do, and what positions to adopt when sleeping, etc. I can't help feeling that this sort of advice should have been given several months ago when I first hurt myself.

But I'm too thrilled at the 'no surgery' prognosis to be upset about it.

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