Tuesday, February 17, 2009

At last I can reveal...

I am so excited! Yesterday was my husband's birthday. I was so pleased with myself regarding the gift I got him, that I was hopping from foot to foot for days beforehand.

So what did I get him?

I bought four tickets to see Jeff Dunham (or Jeffaffah Dun-HAM for those in the know) live in London in April. We're going as a family, which is a significant aspect of the gift - my husband loves doing things with his boys and is delighted that each passing year opens new possibilities of things we can do together. Up until comparitively recently, we could never have entertained the idea of taking our kids with us to something like this.

I am crazy about Jeff Dunham's work. And let me tell you, I never expected to become a fan of a ventriloquist in my middle years! But this material is not kids' stuff - not because it's particularly profane, it's just a different level of humour. I am especially crazy about Peanut, who you can see in this clip, which has got to be one of my all time favourites. I love the fact that Peanut demonstrates an awareness of the relationship between them - there's a neat tension between his expression of 'independent', unflattering views of Jeff, and an acknowledgement of his dependence of Jeff as his manipulator/vocaliser.

You may have noticed that Peanut wears only one shoe. There's one clip where Jeff comments on this and asks him if he lost one, to which Peanut replies "Nope. Found one!"


Wendy said...

Ryan and I are huge fans too. I'm a big fan of Achmed. He appeals to my darker impulses. Particularly during meetings.

The upsycho said...

@Wendy, my kids love Achmed, too. I find him a little repetitive (there are only so many times I can laugh at "I keel you!"). I could watch a whole show just with Peanut. As I said in the post - it's the irony of his awareness of their relationship that does it for me!