Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Social media - the 'can't be arsed' brigade

Apologies if, in your neck of the words, the phrase is more than the mildly crass epithet it is here.

Steve Borsch of minnov8 has written an interesting article which looks at why execs who don't get social media, well... can't be arsed. Hat tip to Robert Scoble for the link via Twitter.

I'd be interested to know whether it's an accurate reflection, but of course, the people who could tell me aren't reading this!


James said...

I'm only half joking when I say show them how it makes them lots of money and you shouldn't have any problems at all

Stephen Downes said...

I don't care about the epithet, except that it masks your meaning. I don't know what you're trying to say when you say "execs who don't get social media, well... can't be arsed." What does that mean? We have no such expression in Canada.

The upsycho said...

@Stephen - sorry about that. It means 'can't be bothered' in a sort of 'yeah, whatever' kind of way.