Saturday, February 14, 2009

LPOD - knitting needles

I discovered today that a 6mm knitting needle is the equivalent of a UK size 4.

After my dog kindly rendered some assistance with my knitting a while back, I went to a local haberdashery to replace the knitting needles (her knitting technique left toothmarks on the ones I had) and discovered that the sizing system was different from the South African one (shows how long ago I last bought new needles!). I took a guess which turned out to be wrong and wound up getting the wrong size. Today, I went back with one of the damaged ones, and had it sized up in English money, rather than the metric system I know.

I then found this handy chart showing the conversions for all sizes.

Sadly, the delay meant John's scarf wasn't ready for Valentine's day, but he should have it for Monday.

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