Tuesday, February 03, 2009

I must be doing something right!

So it snowed, like two inches here yesterday. Then it rained overnight and much of it melted away. Nevertheless, the schools are closed today... even though there is less snow around than there was when the kids came (safely) home at the end the day yesterday.

What do you suppose the first thing was that each of my sons did on hearing the news that there was to be no school?

My elder son, vanished into World of Warcraft.

My younger son (unasked) ran me a deep, fragrant, hot bath, surrounded by candles and furnished with beautiful music from his iPod which he popped (complete with speaker dock) nearby. I have just stepped forth from said bath and, in spite of the teeth clenching pan in my right shoulder (yes, still!), all is well with my world.

There are some days...

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