Monday, February 16, 2009

LPOD - Articulate, temp folders and caches

Something I have learnt the hard way about Articulate is its stubborn adherence to older versions of Engage interactions and Quizmaker quizzes when you amend and republish a module. I learnt long ago to empty my browser cache before republishing an amended module.

What I have had to learn to do today is to track down all the temp folders on my computer, and empty those, too. For some reason, one single temp folder has not been enough for my computer. It has created several of the blighters at various levels of the folder structure.

I have also had to empty the caches in all my web browsers, not just Firefox, because I use other browsers for testing, and, blow me down if Articulate doesn't hang on to all that stuff, too.

I never knew an application with such stickiness!

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