Saturday, January 03, 2009

This is not a school, it's a place of learning!

I can't remember who 'tweeted' (shared via Twitter) the link to this story, but is it not sad that the word 'school' now implies so much that is negative that even schools are opting not to be known by that name?


Anonymous said...

Hi, yes I read that yesterday - I was trying to decide what I thought about it - in principle I guess you could call schools / learning centres or anything you like -I'm personally not convinced at this moment in time that it will make any difference but time will tell on their experiment, would be very interested if they can show evidence that changing the word has done that.

The upsycho said...

@Nicola I would argue that the effectiveness of the institution is not going to be determined or affected by the name they give themselves. But I would say they probably know that. What they are more concerned about, I suspect, is the perceptions of parents within their target catchment. They presumably want to make it plain that the experience of their pupils will be very different from that usually associated with the word 'school'. How sad that the perception is that negative!

Anonymous said...

Too true ! Happy New Year btw anyway - hope its a fab one for you all !