Friday, January 16, 2009

Pocket projector - I want one!

I heard about this last night. It seems ironic that I should have been told about this on the same day in which I posted about a calculator weighing in at 5.6kgs.

The Optoma Pico"Palm-Sized" Portable Projector costs around £245. It weighs 115g. It enables users to share images and videos from an ipod, mobile phone, camera, PSP or whatever. They project an image of between 6" and 60"(although some users have recommended around 30" as being optimal). Apparently, it generates clear, vivid, high contrast (but not HD) images, has a long (rechargeable) battery life, and boasts about 20K hours of lamp life (which is pretty darn good compared with some of the larger projectors!)

User-reviewers are rating it very high in terms of ease of use and value for money.

Right. That's been added to my wishlist!

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