Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Our lives are about to change

Yesterday, we took delivery of the newest member of our family. Now we're caught in the midst of a new kind of learning. She has to learn that the house isn't her toilet, that shoes are not meant to be eaten. She has to learn to obey our commands. We have to learn how to teach her these things, and how to allow her to socialise with children and other animals. The cats have to learn not to fear her (she is entirely uninterested in them). So there is a lot of learning all 'round.

You have put up with endless analogies borne out of my experiences with my sons, and a few related to my cats. No doubt, there will be some that come out of my learning journey with Jessie.


Stephen Downes said...

Aw... but a new pet is so exciting. I toy every once in a while with getting a dog to complement the cats - were I ever to travel less, I probably would.

The upsycho said...

I agree - dogs need to have a lot more company than cats do - they are far less self-sufficient. We always say dogs have owners, cats have staff.

Perhaps Andrea needs to take on a home-based job, then you could consider it ;o)