Friday, April 17, 2009

iPhone apps (free)

I promise not to go on and on about my iPhone, but I thought that my journey of discovery might be of help to others out there new to the world of the device. I won't review the device itself, far more professional people have already done that one to death.

What I did was put a message out on Twitter and Facebook asking my peeps for some suggestions with regard to must-have apps. For now, I am restricting myself to freebies, even though a few very useful sounding apps with price tags have been suggested, too.

Facebook - pretty much Facebook on the go. Very handy.

LinkedIn - as before, this is LinkedIn on the go.

Remember the milk - this is an app which allows you to take your to-do list with you wherever you go. You can organise your list according to a range of criteria, and you have the capacity to prioritise your tasks, too. I no longer use Outlook, but, when I did, I tended to be one of the few people who made full use of the Tasks feature. This is something like that... but right in your handbag/pocket.

Freshbooks - this is a great one for us independent consultant types. It allows you to track time and then bill your clients. You can annotate the entries, and they will queue up when you're off-line.

Evernote - this was the winner of the TechCrunch best mobile startup award. It more or less lets you make notes about anything and everything that happens in your life, using text, photos and audio. It autosynchronises your notes with your computer and the web, and it is able to search text snapshots.

Sugarsync - gives you access to all your PCs and Macs, even when they are switched off. Which of us hasn't experienced the dismay of finding ourselves without a crucial file? It sounds phenomenal.

reQall - a voice enabled memory aid to integrate your iPhone, email, text messaging and IM into an organiser/reminder system.

Wikipanion - allowing you access to wikipedia via your phone. So cool.

Animoto - as with a few of the others, this is a phone version of the web app. I've used and enjoyed Animoto before, so I can see this one coming in handy!

Skype - free calls via Skype from your mobile in any free wifi zone.

Of course, because I'm a sucker for them, I have also downloaded a few free games:

Hangman - I downloaded this one pretty much straight away. I have won every game, as you would expect ;o), but it gave me great practice at figuring out how to select the right letter from the on-screen keyboard!

Touch lite - the full version of this has a price tag. The lite version is one of those games where you eliminate set of adjacent blocks in the same colour in an attempt to clear the board. The larger the set, the more points it will earn you.

reMovem free - similar to the Touch blocks game, but with bubbles

Scramble - like its Facebook counterpart, this timed game involves forming words from adjacent letters in a random assemblage. In spite of my skill at and love for word games, I really suck at this one!

Sudoku - what it says on the tin

wordee lite - Ugh! I am awful at this game! You get a collection of letters in a grid, and you have to move them around to form a mini crossword. When a letter is in the right place, it glows. The problem is, you cant just move a letter at a time. You have to move a whole row or column. Epic fail. Once again, the full version has a price tag.


Matthew Bibby said...

Thanks for the post!

I am a BlackBerry user myself however I absolutely LOVE Remember the Milk - by far the best online task manager there is!

The upsycho said...

As soon as my phone number has been ported over and I can actually use the blooming thing...