Friday, April 03, 2009


For some time, I have been puzzling with the idea of how to demo some of my work to prospective clients, without trying to email them whopping great files that send my email service provider into conniptions.

Thanks to Tom Kuhlmann (via email - it's not on the blog as far as I know), I now know of a way. It's called Dropbox. It's a space to store files online. You can, if you so choose, create a folder that you share with someone (such as my prospective clients), os you can just use it as a handy storage space. You can also upload files into the public folder, if you like, which also sounds very cool. Apparently you can upload materials into this space, where they will run as if on a server. This sounds like a neat place to host any free resources you're happy to make publicly available.

What I really like about it is that, once you've installed Dropbox into your system, anything you copy into that folder on your hard drive will automatically by uploaded your online folder. Now that is too cool for school!

If you fancy giving it a go for yourself, I cordially invite you! I'm not sure what I get if you accept my invitation, but I think you get an extra 250MB of space for a total of 2.25GB... at least that's what I got for accepting Tom's invitation!


Gabi said...

Thanks for telling us about Dropbox - I just read a few reviews and it looks like a good system :-)

BTW I think you are the one that gets 250MG added to your Dropbox for everyone who signs up at your invitation! (Which is fine because if we sign up we can also invite people...)


Anonymous said...

Hi everyone,

Like Gabi mentioned it's a win-win situation. However, this referral link will earn us both an extra 500 MB (1/2 GB) when you sign-up using this link: it's only for the first 3 sign-ups before it becomes 250 MB.