Thursday, April 16, 2009

LPOD - iPhone sim card

So I bought this iPhone, and brought it home, where I decided to try to install the sim card.

Erm, ri-ight.

I sat there, pressing buttons and doing all manner of finger contortions to try to get the phone open. No joy. I felt like a stone age woman faced with the internal combustion engine.

Totally stumped, I went to my peeps, via Twitter. Tell me again how Twitter isn't a learning tool...

Within moments, I had several responses. One of which was a link to this YouTube video. Tell me again how YouTube doesn't have relevant content...

Sim card installed within seconds. Only then did I understand that that was what the little picture on the inside front cover of the instruction manual wallet thingy was trying to tell me. Duh!

On reflection, it makes sense not to have to take the phone apart to get the sim card out.

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