Saturday, April 11, 2009

pic of the day - tree top walk

Today the family went to a place that boasts a tree top walk. I really does end up at tree top height. To my surprise, my fear of heights didn't bother me. However, those two hobgoblins you can see in the centre of the picture discovered that the suspension bridge type construction meant that jumping up and down resulted in a very satisfying degree of movement which had me turning green with motion sickness. This in turn caused them to laugh raucously and jump about all the more.

Honestly, where were their parents? Oh, wait a minute, one of them was behind the camera and the other was staring at a tree with rapt attention.

I think I'll disown them!


V Yonkers said...

I have heard more and more how people have forgiven those that did them wrong (e.g. crime victims etc...) and how it helped them to let it go.

Last year, I was helping out with my daughter's soccer team when there was a very disturbing incident that happened in which I felt physically at risk. The worst part was that my kids were witnesses to it. It was not resolved to my satisfaction and I stayed up at night worrying about it and the injustice of it. The stress of it affected my health. Earlier this year, I decided to follow what others did, forgive the person (although not face to face as he would not have accepted it) and move on. I couldn't believe the burden it lifted. He no longer has the power to stress me out when I see him and the incident no longer plays over in my head. I wish I had learned your lesson earlier on in life!

The upsycho said...
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The upsycho said...

@Virginia I suspect that you intended this comment to go against this post. According to Christian scriptures, if you don't forgive, you remain bound by the same cords. As a more secular analogy, if you keep your kids tied to your apron strings, you are by definition tied to the other end.

I haven't learnt the lesson of forgiveness easily. By nature I am a person who wants resolution. The big pink bow. The ownership of blame by the culprit.

Because my family was so poor at apologising, I was very poor at that, too. The two are very closely related. They both pertain to the moral high ground.

It dawns on me right this moment, that I have recently acquired a measure of personal humility (professional humility I suspect is still some way off!). And this surprises me. Previously, I would have gone down with the ship rather than relinquish my hold on what I saw as the moral high ground!