Friday, April 03, 2009


Today, via a Facebook group, I learned about namechk, a mashup which allows you to see whether your username is available on a variety of social media sites. Since usernames and online identity are increasingly intertwined, it's a useful service to have.

learninganorak is available everywhere except YouTube - where it has been taken by me! What would be nice now, would be a way to reserve the name in all those spaces in one batch!

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Joe Moody said...

Karyn, that's a really cool idea, it would be nice to have a site that subscribed people to all the various social websites out there with a chosen username. I was lucky to get joemoody on a lot of sites ... except gmail, which was silly of me as I was helping others get gmail accounts back when it required "invites"... never bothered to get my own name when i could've... oh well, if your idea was a reality back then, i would have signed up. look forward to reading more!