Wednesday, April 22, 2009

pic of the day - Itiel Dror

Today I attended a Learning and Skills Group workshop presented by Itiel Dror (pictured here with his brain-in-a-jar).

I find it fascinating learning about the brain, and often wish I could just sit down with the guy and subject him to a barrage of questions. Some of the throwaway statements he makes leave me going "But but but..." But he has usually moved on by then. So much to cover, so little time.


Rina Tripathi said...

I come here every day and I am never disappointed as I take back beautiful learning. I love reading about everything you write about, your kids, food, South Africa, your dog. You are such a lovely writer. Am hooked, wish that students at your elder son's school had a better value-based aims in life than creating trouble for new comers. Today, I traveled through the link you posted to Harvard blog and then did a test there posted there by students. It is like Christmas present, I never know before hand where I will go what I will get when I come here. Seems the world is missing something when they don't know of such efficient learning professionals. Thanks for such beautifully crafted posts!

The upsycho said...

@Rina Thanks for your regular visits. It's good to know that someone takes something away from my writings - subjective as they are.