Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Prepare to be wowed!

I've never watched a single episode of Britain's Got Talent. I just happened across this video on YouTube today.

Everyone has somethng to offer and you find the most startling talents in the most unlikely places. Watch this homely, socially awkward woman sing this very powerful and perhaps poignantly appropriate song (embedding disabled, but please watch it anyway - you won't regret it!). This is my husband's favourite song from Les Mis. I have got to send him this link!

Everyone laughed at her. Watch the snooty little lass right at the beginning sneering at this woman who has none of the raw material that she herself has been blessed with. Then look at how Susan makes them eat their contempt. Tell me you don't want to stand up and cheer!

She gets my vote. You go, girl! You do it for all the nobodies out there!


Harold Jarche said...

The whole family watched it last night and then I followed up on her TV interviews. Go Susan Boyle!

John Zurovchak said...

Absolutely beautiful! My favorite musical and one of my favorite songs from it as well. One of the best performances I have heard of the song to date! Wow!

The upsycho said...

@Harold and @John I have now showed this to my husband and each of my sons and they have all been wowed.

I'm with you, on the muscial and the song, John - I've seen Les Mis live twice (once in Cape Town and once in London) and, both times, Fantine's song made me cry. My sons have now expressed a wish to see it, so I have to figure out a way to come up with the funds... one can't pass up on a request for culture from one's teenage boys! But travelling to London and seeing the show will come out at around £200 for the four of us! Ai chihuahua!