Thursday, April 02, 2009

Today has been cancelled...

I woke up this morning feeling unspeakably ill, with a head that was pounding worse than it ever has. Frighteningly so. It certainly frightened me. And it frightened my sons enough that they set all sorts of wheels in motion to have me looked at. Of course, their first call was to my husband who was already on the train to work - a two hour journey. Poor man. Can you imagine how helpless he felt?

first call was to one of our pastors, who arrived with his wife within minutes. They kindly took me to the doctor, who decided I was having an adverse reaction to the new painkillers I had been prescribed. They are well known for having severe side-effects, among which is swelling on the brain.

We have had a very scary morning. This might be as much as I am able to do today.


Norman Lamont said...

Former hippie type sends good vibes Karyn-ward. Get well soon.

The upsycho said...

@Norman Thanks former hippie type! Fortunately, it seems no lasting damage has been done (mind you - who would notice in my case?).

Proving how fickle and self-absorbed teenagers are, my younger woke me this morning, when I had expected to get a lie-in, frantically asking to be driven to the station because he was taking his girlfriend to the movies and was running behind schedule.

I am relieved to report that I was up to the task. I have bounced, it seems.