Monday, April 20, 2009

yesterday's pic of the day - tea

Hardly an inspiring shot. Yesterday it was my turn to serve tea at the evening service. The lady who was on with me got there first and laid out the cups. It made me realise how ridiculously nit-picky I am that I noticed that she didn't lay them out the way that I do.


Stephen Downes said...

Well - the handles are all facing different directions. I would never lay out cups that way.

The upsycho said...

Chortle. Exactly!

Also, there are two separate sets of crockery, which have been mixed together. I always use one on one side for tea and t'other on t'other side, for coffee.

But I make tea the way my Granny taught me, warming up the teapot... all that stuff. My husband and I host a midweek meeting which is known for its good coffee and tea!