Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Articulating my woes

I have been using Articulate to put together an e-induction for a client with a global staff complement. It was the client's express wish to use this product, as they are hoping to be able to do their own maintenance going forward. I was well-impressed with Studio '09 and its extra features, and I don't take that back.

However, there is one aspect of Articulate that has not improved. Not even slightly. It's sticky and stubborn!

Let me explain. Using Articulate Engage, you can create interactive screens for the user to explore aspects of the learning material in different ways. Of course, the first time the client sees these, there is bound to be something that needs to be changed. X happened in 2008, not 2006. Y's name is mis-spelled. The URL attached to Z piece of text is wrong. That kind of thing. So you duly make the changes and republish the resource. No problem.

Except, for some reason best known to itself, Articulate re-publishes the old version of the interaction screens. So you go to your browser cache and empty it. You delete old versions of the resource from your system. You hunt down all the 'temp' folders in your file structure and purge them.

You republish. Again. And yet again, Articulate republishes the old versions of the interaction screens. You are unable to find a trace of these old files anywhere on your system. But hoo boy! Articulate not only finds them, but uses them.

The same problem applies to Quizmaker quizzes.

So... if you're me, and your client is champing at the bit, you delete and re-insert every single interaction and quiz in the resource. Then redo the Slide properties on each and every one to make sure the menu structure is correct. This takes you the better part of a day. And this day is after your IT expert husband has burnt the midnight oil for two nights running trying to find where the system is getting its data from.

When you have paid over £1000 for the licence, this feels a bit off-side. So, if anyone out there has a solution, please... I'm all ears!


drinker said...

Hi Karyn, sorry you're having Articulate woes. Are you working off a network drive? That does cause odd results. If you are, then try placing the Engage INTR file and the Quizmaker QUIZ file onto your local c: drive and seeing if that works better. Otherwise, this is not a known issue (meaning I am not aware of other users having had this problem) so there is probably something unique in your setup, particularly as you suggest this is not the first time it has happened. Could you contact Articulate at marking it for the attention of Dave Moxon and I'll look into it and probably set up a web conference with you to figure this out.

Best regards,

Dave Moxon
Articulate Customer Support

The upsycho said...

@Dave Will do, and thanks!