Sunday, March 22, 2009

pic of the day - the weekend

On Saturday night, I took the family out for a meal to celebrate the successful completion of my first really large project since Learning Anorak Ltd came into being. This picture shows the pots of dips that came with the poppadums at the start of the meal. They tried to take them away when our meal arived, but I wouldn't let them. I had to have some of that lime pickle (front left) with my main course!

Then, today is mothers' day in the UK. In South Africa, as in other countries, mothers' day is at some other time of the year, but in the UK, it coincides with mothering Sunday in the church on England calendar. I was given a lovely box of handmade (organic, mind you) choccies and a dichroic glass bracelet. When the pastor's wife started the service by asking who had received breakfast in bed this morning, mine was the only hand that went up. At 7:30 this morning, I was brought a cheese and ham omelette, with apple juice and filter coffee. Then one of my sons took the dog for a walk so I didn't have to. Right now, all three of my menfolk are out picking up lunch and I have been instructed to do nothing while they are out. I am truly blessed among women!


Stephen Downes said...

In Canada, Mother's Day is in may, and my mother's birthday is in May, and Father's Day is in June, and my father's birthday was in June, and that's the way I thought things just ought to be.

The upsycho said...

@downes What a neat arrangement. Most symmetrical.

In my extended family, we had 14 birthdays between 6 Nov and 21 Dec! So, by the time Christmas rolled around, we were all pretty flat broke! Then I went and married into a family with a slew of birthdays in Jan and Feb. Not great financial planning ;o)