Monday, March 09, 2009

pic of the day - I wandered lonely as a cloud...

The daffs in my neighbour's garden opened this morning for the first time, and I simply had to get a photo. They've made an appearance in this project before. As you can see, I got right down to their level. I hunkered down as low as I could get. Sadly, I wasn't able to find a vantage point from which to get them face on. But I rather like the fact that the daffs seem to be ignoring me in their single minded focus on the sun - our houses (which are semi-detatched - very common in the UK) face due east.


V Yonkers said...

I am so JEALOUS! We had a warm day yesterday, all of the snow had melted, and we began to dream of spring. Then...SNOW today. Here we had dreams of the flowers budding in a few weeks. Now it looks like we'll be lucky if we have some crocuses for Easter.

The upsycho said...

@V_Yonkers Sorry :o( I wish I could send you a bunch.

Fortunately for the Welsh, we usually have a few open in time for St David's day.

But now I feel especially bad because I get so tired of daffodils. I love it when they first appear, but then they're everywhere, and everything that blooms seems to have yellow flowers. Within far too short a space of time, I'm yellowed out and panting for red, purple, orange, white.... ANYthing else.

Don't think too badly of me, will you?