Friday, March 06, 2009

pic of the day - crocus

A pity about my shadow in the frame, but I had to stand on a park bench to get the vantage point, and the only one available resulted in this shadow. If I were a more professional photographer, I would no doubt have rejected this shot, or never taken it to begin with. But I am a sun-lover, so I decided to go the glass half-full route and celebrate the fact that there was enough sunshine at 9-ish this morning to cast that shadow!

Just look at these brave little flowers. Right after the snowdrops, hugging close to the ground, even in the bitter cold, up they come. They don't need a flowerbed or any tending. A harbinger of spring. I know it sounds churlish, but I get a little tired of yellow in the spring time, so the purple and white of the crocus blooms are a great delight to me. I suppose it doesn't hurt that purple is my favourite colour!

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