Saturday, March 28, 2009

yesterday's pic of the day - fail

Last night, I was due to attend a presentation by a lady from the local premature baby unit, during which we were to knit hats for the premature babies. The reason for this is that the babies wear these hats to help keep their body temperatures up as they lack this capacity themselves. Of course, most of the babies leave the hospital still wearing the hats, which means they need a constant supply.

I had planned to take a photo of the ladies busily knitting away for yesterday's pic of the day, but, instead wound up rushing my younger son to the after-hours medical practice. He's fine, but of course, I didn't think to take my camera with me as I hurtled out of the door! As a consequence I came up empty yesterday.

Fortunately, I have been knitting a few of these hats in any case, so here you see a photo of two of them, with my standard sized business card included for size reference.

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