Thursday, March 12, 2009

Superhero me

Thanks to Mark Oehlert for the link to the Hero Factory. This, by the way, is my alterego. I rather like the fact that the date in the top left corner of the image is my birthday! At first I wondered where it had picked up that piece of data, but Mark's has the same date on it.


Clark said...

This isn't really a comment on you, but I had done my superhero too (cf Mark), but hadn't looked at the female version closely. While the man is the typical comic character, the one they have for ladies seems anemic in comparison, with no wild hair options, no thighs, or any of the classic female superheroes. Is this the politically correct version? The one women want? Just seems strangely anemic.

The upsycho said...

@Clark I hadn't looked at the male version (apart from Mark's) before I created mine. However, I subsequently went to make one for my husband and was distinctly jealous of the options available! I think, had I had more options, mine would have looked less like the real me and more like a superhero!

Perhaps it's based on the way superheroes tend to look rather than political correctness, because I can't think of a single female superhero who isn't stereotypically slinky.

I mean, where's the female version of the Thing or the Hulk?

Clark said...

Look at the classics: Wonderwoman, or Red Sonja, not the things today. Even the original Watchmen Silk Spectre (daughter, not the mother), or Elastigirl (aka Mrs. Incredible); they're healthy, not slinky, scrawny, etc. Agree re: no Hulk/Thing (PC(tm)?). C'est la vie.