Friday, March 27, 2009

The Little Red Wagon

Just this morning, I heard on Twitter (as part of the #followfriday initiative) about an 11 year old lad called Zach who is no less than the founder of his own organisation called The Little Red Wagon. Nothing I tell you here can prepare you for what this kid is doing and the difference he is making.

I know I'm an over-emotional old bat, but I am moved to tears, and you just might be, too. He is quite an astonishing lad. He has even been awarded the presidential call to service award, which honours those who have given more than 4000 (yup, four thousand) hours of service over the course of a lifetime!

People express their concern to his mom that he isn't getting to be a kid. As she says, "He's being the kind of kid he wants to be."

I reckon she deserves some of the credit, too, for being an encourager and enabler. Not every mother would have allowed their kids to take on a project like this.

Zach B, I salute you!

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